Welcome to The Family...

Hi!  My name is Sarah Lynn.  I am Jessica Cardinal's younger sister as well as her and TJ's adopted daughter.  Initially, I don't think TJ understood exactly what Jess meant when she said I am her best friend and she never wants to be away from me...buuuuut.. now I live in their basement. 'Basement' sounds sad unless you know that TJ is an incredible carpenter; I am currently petitioning for a walk-in closet.

 I moved in with Jess & TJ earlier this year, and just recently started getting involved with their photography business.  I am so impressed with their skill level, but what really made me want to insert myself into their business was seeing the experience that they offer.  The first photo shoot that I went to at the Cardinal Family Photography studio was so much fun, and made me laugh so much, that I knew I not only wanted to be a part of their home-life; but I also wanted to add myself to their work-life. 

Sometimes I think, "TJ is so lucky to have me here.  Jess is her happiest when I am around."

Other times I think, "Poor TJ.  He didn't sign up for 'Sister Wives'.  Now, he not only has a pregnant (occasionally hormonal) wife, but a sister who validates any and all feelings that Jess may have - regardless of the lack of rationality.  Two against one isn't always fun.